What's happening within the vaping industry?

In the current vaping industry, it is difficult for E-Liquid manufacturers to stand out from the crowd. The simplest of products and labels used to be the key to success, however these days people are spending a lot more time perfecting the flavour of their E-Liquid and creating the fanciest of labels.

The vaping industry started out with a few big manufacturers, but now there are thousands of smaller manufacturers beginning to compete. There are lots of companies out there which provide a great tasting E-liquid, and obviously other companies out there which provide not so good E-Liquids. But these days it is not always enough.

In addition to having a great flavour, it is now all about creating a hype to get your brand out there and have people wanting to vape it!

Back in the day, there was a time where a good tasting E-liquid could upstage the poorly designed label and cheap bottle. This time has now passed and now it’s not all about the juice. Some vapers rely on word of mouth, but the majority will want to see it everywhere before they start purchasing, therefore it needs to be plastered on social media and seen in the hands of vaping influencers.

A renowned marketing rule states that an individual will have to see an advert or a logo on average of 8 times before they will remember it and take action.

One tip to remember is not to release too many flavours

It may seem appealing to create a range of E-liquids made up of 30 plus flavours, however this isn’t the best idea when trying to sell to shops and distributors. When your range starts to build up over 3 flavours, it is usually 50% more difficult to sell with each flavour you add.

The fact of the matter is, shops don’t have a lot of money to spend and risk on a large range of E-liquids. It’s not impossible for a wide variety range to sell, but it does limit your list of potential buyers.

Each flavour needs to be something a vaper would enjoy on a daily basis. It can have something unique added to it but you need to think is this something I could use as an all day vape? If not, then this is not the juice to move forward with.

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