What is Squonking?

You've probably heard a few of your fellow vapers throwing the word "squonking" around. This is the new way of vaping that's becoming increasingly popular, thanks to bottom-feeding atomisers. However, it shouldn't be done without caution, as if it's done incorrectly, it can have an explosive result (literally).

Squonking vs. Dripping

You're might be thinking "what's the difference between squonking and dripping". Well, dripping pretty much does what it says on the tin. You put a few drops of your E-Liquid onto the cotton to make sure the wick is fully soaked. After a few puffs, the wick will get dry, so you just need to repeat the previous process. The only downside of this is how time consuming it can be having to constantly drip your E-Liquid. Squonking on the other hand can solve this problem.

Squonking relies on an internal pool of E-Liquid and when the bottle is squeezed, that E-Liquid gets forced up the mod and directly into the RDA. So bascially, squoniking is the middle method between a standard mod and an RDA.

It's good to bear in mind though that squonking requires more than jsut buying a new mod. It also requires a particular RDA which has a hole in the middle for the E-Liquid to go through.

What's the process of squonking?

Even though squonking is comparable to normal vaping, moving the liquid from the bottle to the RDA still requires a bit of effort.

Before squonking, you will need to know how much E-Liquid you have in your tank. Then you squeeze the bottle to push the liquid through the tube and to the RDA. After this, the bottle will then go back to its normal shape, meaning the E-Liquid has successfully made it to the RDA and soaked the wick. The flavour will taste diluted when the wick goes dry and that will be when you need to squonk again.

There is one downside to squonking though

As we've gone through above, squonking compared to dripping has a lot of benefits. So what disadvantages could it have? It actually has one pretty big disadvantage!

If you're new to vaping or building your own coils, then it's probably best to give squonking a miss for a while! Some mods that are either unregulated or just not built correctly have caused damage to individuals and even worse exploded!

If you're considering starting squonking, just make sure you take extra care and purchase batteries and from companies you know have a good reputation.

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