Vaping CBD oil

At the moment, there is pretty much an endless list of the ways you can enjoy the benefits of CBD. But concentrating on the most popular, vaping CBD is up there. This is probably due to how easy it is to get your dose of CBD.

Vaping gives you the option to get your daily dose of CBD with a choice of different flavours, to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Not only do people find that they get the benefits of CBD through vaping it but it can also help them reduce their nicotine habit and quit smoking if they were a previous smoker. The hand to mouth action of vaping is basically exactly the same as smoking, but instead of inhaling toxic smoke, you get the chance in inhale fruity vapour! CBD is easily absorbed this way.

This is one of the fastest ways to get CBD into your system when compared to other forms of CBD such as edibles and oils. This is because it reaches your blood stream directly from your lungs instead of having to go through your digestive system. The quick absorption of vaping CBD makes it a great solution for individuals who suffer from anxiety attacks due to its fast relief.

You can buy pre-filled CBD vape pens which are really convenient to carry around with you as they are discreet and no larger than an normal pen. All you have to do is put the pre-filled cartridge into the device and start vaping…it’s as easy as that!

You've then got CBD vape juices, where you can fill up your own vaping device. CBD E-Liquids will either come flavoured or as a non-flavoured CBD additive, which means you would have to add it to a normal flavoured E-Liquid. Some studies suggest that vaping is a more efficient way of absorbing CBD than other methods.

Usually, when you consume CBD oil, only 15% will pass through the body, whereas with vaping, it can increase to 50%. This is because it does not pass through digestive system, meaning that it is less likely to be eliminated by the body. Therefore, even vaping small amounts of CBD can mean that you will still be able to experience the benefits immediately.

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