Vape accessories every vaper needs

You may have been a vaper for a while now or fairly new to it. Either way, you’ll want to add to your collection with a few accessories. When you find that key accessory, it will make your experience even better!

1. Mouthpiece

A shiny new mouthpiece can change the way you vape. If it’s a glass or metal piece, you can customize your mouthpiece to suit your unique preferences.

A custom mouthpiece doesn’t make any difference to the taste or smoothness of your E-Liquid but it can make it look good! Also, you may be able to find a mouthpiece that you find more comfortable - a bonus all round we think!

2. Case

Quality is one of the main things you need to consider when buying a new case. You 100% want a sturdy case that’s going to protect your device, but this doesn’t mean you need to purchase something boring!

Silicone cases are a great way to protect your vape from scratches and wear and tear. Another benefit of the silicone case is how lightweight and thin it is, meaning it won’t bulk out your pocket. It’s also easy to clean as you can just wipe it.

3. Plenty of E-Liquid

So you may have already found your favourite flavour, but don’t stop searching yet! There’s so many new flavours out there on the market. Don’t be afraid to try different brands, as they may have something amazing!

4. USB chargers

One key accessory to purchase is a USB charger for your vape. There’s nothing worse than wanting to take a nice puff on your vape and then realizing that you’ve got no battery. Maybe buy a couple of chargers and place them in different locations e.g. your car, office or bedroom.

5. Microfibre cloths

Microfibre cloths are a great way to keep your device as clean as possible. A regular cloth will also work fine to clean your vape, but it will leave more dust and lint than a microfibre cloth. Dust is sometimes a reason why an e-cigarette battery will stop working, so it may be a better choice to clean your battery with a microfibre cloth to keep it in the best condition.

You can purchase these in bulk online for quite a cheap price. So it’s usually best to keep stocked up!

6. Silicone mat

It’s sometimes difficult to keep all the parts in one place when taking apart your device, especially when you’re using a large device. To help keep all the different parts in place, it’s good to use a silicone mat.

With it being silicone, it means that the parts won’t be rolling around all over the place (which makes it a lot easier when filling or cleaning your e-cig) and some of them also have raised edges to make sure everything stays in place.

7. Spare batteries

It’s always good to be prepared when you’re a vaper, but even the most organized of vapers will come cut short at some point in their vaping life. One of the best accessories any vaper can purchase is extra batteries, as this is one way to avoid your running out of charge.

8. Battery sleeve

You need to make sure you don’t ruin and scratch all of your extra batteries. Battery sleeves are the best way to keep your batteries from becoming damaged and reduce the risk of breaking.

If you allow you battery to become damaged, it can really cause some trouble as it can lead to an internal short-circuit which will result in a build-up of heat.

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