Travelling with vapes - where can you vape?

Lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere soon? And want to take your vape with you? We’ve got you covered! Our handy guide will explain everything you need to know about travelling with your vape so you don’t get caught out!

You’re probably already aware that vaping is banned in most confined public places such as planes and trains, but some countries ban the sale of e-cigarettes, but not their possession, whereas others ban e-liquids containing nicotine but not nicotine free e-liquids. Some countries have taken it to the next level and have banned vaping completely!

Singapore is one country that takes vaping quite seriously. Imagine this: you’re taking a walk through the streets of Singapore and you take a puff of your favourite E-Liquid. Next thing you know, you’ve got a policeman trying to fine you. They even classify buying a vape device online and shipping it into Singapore as an illegal import. So, if you’re caught buying anything vape related online, you could have a hefty fine coming your way, up to $10,000 in fact! Or up to 6 months in jail for a first offence. The rules are pretty similar in Taiwan. Individuals who get caught importing and selling e-cigarettes can be fined or imprisoned.

America is slightly more relaxed about vaping. Each state has its own rules about where you can vape, with the majority of them just banning vaping in public places such as restaurants and bars. However, when it comes to vaping on a plane, then they get a lot more serious! If you vape or even attempt to vape on a plane, you could be banned from flying with that Airline, or in fact any Airline for the rest of your life! You could also be fined tens of thousands of dollars or even worse, sent to prison! (depending on how severe obviously)

Brazil is another country which is implementing a vaping ban. Back in 2014, they banned the manufacturing and sale of e-cigarettes and started either confiscating devices or fining people.

Australia differs slightly as you are allowed to vape in all states apart from Queensland, where e-cigarettes which contain nicotine are illegal.

The strictest country when it comes to vaping is Thailand. Vaping or even just owning a vape device is completely illegal. Turning up in Thailand with your vape device, if you’re lucky, will get you your device and e-liquid confiscated. But if you’re not so lucky, you could be hit with a $2,000 fine and a 10 year prison sentence!

Quite a few Brits have already been arrested for having vapourisers and e-liquids in their possession. As regulations on vaping and e-cigarettes vary significantly from country to country, it’s important you know the rules before you travel, or you may end up having your device and liquid confiscated, or even worse fined or imprisoned! So always check before you jump on the plane.

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