The ultimate gift guide for vapers

Got a vaper in your life and you're desperate for them to make the switch to vaping? Or maybe you just know an avid vaper. This list will help you get the perfect gift for them!

If you’re buying for an existing vaper, then obviously you can’t go wrong with E-Liquid!

Merchandise is also a good idea, as you can never have enough vaping tops or snap backs!

Every vaper understands that the better your device is, the better you’re vaping experience. So, a good idea is to buy them that updated mod or coil to allow them to have that special vaping experience.

So, what if you have a smoker in your life who you’re trying to convert into a vaper? The best solution is to get them a starter kit.

Below are a few present ideas to consider:


Starter Kit

Vape Case

Pod/Nic Salt

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