The Evolution of Vaping

How has the vaping industry changed over time?

In the early days of the vaping industry, cig-a-like’s were the go to device. Traditional cig-a-like’s consisted of a cartomiser and a battery, where as more recent models replace the cartomiser with clearomisers or small tanks. Depending on which brand you choose, you have the option of disposable or refillable. No doubt that cig-a-like’s are easy to use, however some vapers struggle to get the best quality experience, which is why these are usually used as an introduction to vaping for beginners and then they move onto different devices.

Moving on from cig-a-like’s, the next step that the vaping industry took was higher capacity vape pens. These involve a battery, connector, atomizer, tank system, power button and we probably don’t have to mention it but…E-Liquid. Just a few advantages of vape pens are the long lasting battery which will increase the amount of vaper produced and refillable tanks which allow the user to vape a wider range of E-Liquids. The vape pen has had the most significant impact on sales and growth within the vaping industry as it’s the most common form of vaping.

Progressing from vape pens, is a mod. A mod is a more advanced and powerful device which can offer a longer battery and prime vapour production. A fun fact about the mod is that it was developed by a group of vape fanatics in the early days of the vaping industry. They were looking for something that was not available in stores at the time…the ultimate vape experience.

Lets move onto the next step in the evolution of vaping, tanks and coils. The combination of the correct tank, coil and battery is what can take peoples vaping experience from basic to the next level. There are so many options when it comes to tanks and coils, such as RDA’s and RTA’s. Ceramic coils were introduced, shortly followed by mesh coils.

Looking forward, what’s in the future for vaping? Well we can’t predict the future, but we definitely think big things are coming!

How do vapers evolve over time?

So we’ve been through the evolution of the vape industry, but let’s now go through the evolution of vapers themselves.

For many people, vaping is an ongoing learning curve as the industry is always changing and evolving. When a user picks up more knowledge about vaping, they move onto a new level of products with better performance and better capabilities. This is classed as the ‘vaping life cycle’. Not all vapers will go through every stage of the life cycle, but the majority do. We’ll now explain the breakdown of the vaping life cycle.

Stage 1: A vaper is born

More often than not, an individual usually starts vaping to try and help themselves quit smoking. They will have heard that its safer than smoking and thought why not give it a try?

Stage 2: Taking those first few steps

The majority of vape beginners start with a cheap disposable E-cigarette, such as cig-a-like, from a local petrol station or convenience shop. Think about it, would you buy something expensive when you’re not 100% certain that you will carry through with it?

Stage 3: A vaping amateur

Cheap disposable e-cigarettes are great at first, but they can’t always satisfy the cravings of an ex-smoker. So usually people take a gamble and invest in something more sturdy which is rechargeable…they’re then into vaping!

Stage 4: A vaping adult

These rechargeable devices probably helped individuals to quit smoking, but now they have got the taste for it…they want something a bit more! This is the stage where vapers start to buy more powerful devices that look less like cigarettes - they have a power button and a tank with room to fill with flavoured E-Liquid.

Stage 5: A vaping expert!

This is the stage where you enter the world of mods! You get full control over the amount of vapour produced, throat hit and much more.

Stage 6: A vaping connoisseur

Not every person gets to this stage of the vaping life cycle, but for die-hard vapers there are endless ways that you customize your experience, such as devices which replicate weapons or hand-carved mods made out of wood.

Stage 7: A retired vaper

This is sometimes the last stage in the vaping life cycle for some vapers! A lot of people only vape because they are trying to quit smoking and once they have conquered those cravings, they give up vaping altogether.

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