The Custard Company X Jammin Collab

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

In recent weeks there is no doubt that you will have seen the newest ultimate E-Liquid flying around on Instagram and in stores all over the UK. This vaping jewel of course being the new limited edition Jammin x The Custard Company collab E-Liquid.

Blueberry Jam Custard E-Liquid has been created by bringing together two extraordinary E-Liquid brands - our very own The Custard Company's original Vanilla Custard and Jammin’s Blueberry Jam. These two premium E-Liquids have been expertly blended to give you the best collaboration around with Jammin's sweet Jam and The Custard Company’s rich velvet custard it really takes dessert E-Liquid to the next level.

With the combined experience and expertise from both brands to create this exclusive E-Liquid, this Blueberry Jam Custard will not disappoint.

Here are just a few reviews from Instagram:

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