The Custard Company's In-house Reviewer - Which Sub-Ohm Tanks come up on top?

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

We asked our in-house reviewer to give us his top 5 Sub-Ohm's what he says...

Please note this list does not contain any RTA’s, and only includes tanks that contain pre-made coils.

5.) Cleito 120 - Aspire: - The Cleito 120 has always been a mainstay tank for me. Being released initially before the TPD regulations, it has been around now for some time. However, due to its all-round performance, it remains a tank that I recommend and will go back to. Great cloud production and immense flavour output, this tank grabs the number 5 spot on my list.

4.) TFV12 Prince - SMOK: - Much like the Cleito 120, the TFV12 was released before TPD, but has now updated to regulations and been renamed as the Prince. This tank is a favourite for me purely due to the great flavour it gives out from an E-Liquid. With the various different coils SMOK provide for this tank, it gives the user many great options for the tank to perform in the way that they prefer best. A good option for any Sub-ohm user.

3.) Fireluke Mesh Tank - FreeMax: - At the top end of my list, we get into some of the newer tech available to all us vape users. This tank takes number 3 on this list for me due to its individuality. There are other tanks which offer a mesh coil, however in my opinion this tank is the one which gives the best performance, and which earns it a spot on my list. Great flavour, great cloud, this tank really benefits any E-Liquid which it is partnered up with. If you want something a bit different, this tank comes recommended from me.

2.) Valyrian Tank - Uwell: - Getting up to the top tanks on my list now, and this one deserves its place here. The Valyrian tank gives you incredible open airflow, maximising the flavour of an E-Juice in my opinion. You can adjust it for a tighter pull if wanted, but I prefer mine wide open. As a 25mm tank it’s a bit larger than others, but sits nicely on top of most mods. The flavour and cloud production from this tank is fantastic! There's not really much else to say, this tank is just all round great. Highly recommended.

1.) Falcon Tank - Horizon Tech: - Coming out on top of my list, this tank is something special! I know many of you may already know how great this tank is, and a lot probably own one. If you don’t know about this tank, get to know! From its coils to its flavour and everything in between, this tank (for me) is the best available on the market right now. The coils last really well also, which is always an added bonus. Guaranteed to bring the most out of any E-Liquid, this tank is my number one, and part of my daily carry. Don't miss out on this tank, you won't be disappointed!

Well there we have it, there's my top 5 favourite tanks on the market. These are only my opinion and are judged from my own rating. You may have others on your list, but these come highly recommended from myself!"

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