Questions almost every vaper gets asked

Within almost every vapers vaping lifetime, they will probably get asked at least one of these questions.

What is cloud chasing?

Cloud chasing is where an individual will exhale a large amount of vapour after using an e-cigarette. These vapers will usually have an E-Liquid that is high in vegetable glycerin because this will allow for larger, thicker clouds to be exhaled.

What are you actually exhaling?

E-cigarettes work by heating up the E-Liquid inside them and producing a vapour. The vapour is mainly made up of water droplets, which is why after a while the vapour evaporates into the air. A lot of vapour will smell of the flavour you are vaping, but again this also disappears after a few seconds of being in the air.

Isn’t vaping flavours weird when compared to smoking?

At the beginning of any individuals vaping life, a dessert or fruity flavour can seem quite strange, especially if they were a smoker previously. You might start off with a tobacco or menthol flavour, but sure enough you’ll end up on those great fruity flavours. And once you’ve tried them, you’re more than likely hooked!

Isn’t vaping more expensive than smoking?

The answer for this question will vary from person to person. Vaping can work out slightly more expensive than smoking at the beginning, due to the devices you will have to buy to start. However, once you have chosen your device, coils and batteries, you will only need to purchase your juice.

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