PG and VG ratio - How important is it?

At some stage in your vaping life, you have more than likely purchased a new bottle of E-Liquid, been really excited about it and then it didn’t live up to your expectations. Maybe the famous brand of flavoursome juices got your mouth watering but didn’t give a satisfying vape. Don’t worry, the solution could be as simple as purchasing the same flavoured E-liquid but with a different PG/VG ratio.

How do different PG/VG ratios make such a difference?

The VG (Vegetable Glycerin) gives the E-liquid that sweet taste, whereas the PG (Propylene Glycol) helps maintain the equal distribution of flavouring within the entire bottle of E-Liquid. Therefore, as a result of this, if the VG ratio is more than PG, then the juice will tend to taste a lot sweeter. Comparatively, if the PG ratio is higher, then the flavour may be slightly bland. By changing the PG/VG ratio, it can make the overall flavour taste different.

So what steps do you need to take to ensure you get the most satisfying vape?

For larger cloud production:High VG E-Liquids work well for producing big clouds. This is because the VG has a thicker consistency than PG, meaning it can give bigger and more powerful clouds. Due to the thickness of the liquid, it also means that the individual will draw more vapour into their lungs.

For a harsher throat hit:High PG E-liquids work well to provide a stronger throat hit. For individuals who are new to vaping and have recently quit smoking, high PG E-liquids are highly favoured as they simulate the experience of smoking a cigarette. Quite a few of new vapers will moan about how long it takes them to get used to vaping, but before picking up that 10 pack, try persevering with a high PG E-liquid and then once you have got used to it, switch to a high VG juice for a smoother vaping experience.

For less tank slime:

Try a higher PG E-liquid to try and reduce the amount of residue left on the heating element. Due to PG’s runny consistency, it absorbs into the wick and coil easily, therefore there will be less liquid left within the tank, leading to a cleaner vaping experience and less maintenance.

For increased flavour:

Try a high PG E-liquid to ensure the flavour is evenly mixed throughout the bottle.

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