Mouth to lung VS direct to lung: What's the difference?

What is mouth to lung vaping?

Mouth to lung (often referred to as MTL) is when you inhale the vapour into your mouth, hold it for a while and then inhale into your lungs. This is usually the way an ex-smoker will vape as this is the most popular way to smoke cigarettes. The way to mouth to lung vape is to take a smooth, long drag into the mouth. This is where it varies slightly to smoking as it is a much longer drag than if you were smoking a cigarette.

What is direct to lung vaping?

Direct to lung or DTL is when you inhale the vapour straight into your lungs without holding it in your mouth first.

If your device has an adjustable airflow, it's can be beneficial to make sure it's fully open first. Then take a long, deep breathe in and take the vapour straight to your lungs.

So, what is the best technique for you?

Let’s start with mouth to lung. Because of mouth to lungs similarity to smoking a cigarette, new vapers or ex-smokers prefer to use this technique.

Not only does this simulate the action of smoking, the actual sensation is pretty similar! The throat hit is only a subtle burning or tingling, apposed to the harsher throat hit that direct to lung can give.

However, it’s not just ex-smokers or new vapers who prefer mouth to lung vaping as some vapers believe that you can get more flavour when you use the mouth to lung technique. MTL vaping can be the best option for people who are looking to get the biggest flavour because the vapour stays in your mouth for a while, which is where your taste buds live. This technique also gives minimum cloud production, which is ideal for people who vape in public places.

So, does mouth to lung vaping sound appealing to you? Before you start, here are a few things to consider:

Type of E-Liquid: When buying E-Liquid for MTL vaping, it's ideal to get a flavour which has a higher PG content than VG content (e.g.40/60 VG/PG). This is preferred by mouth to lung vapers because they will give a more satisfying throat hit and a stronger flavour. This is because PG carries flavour better than VG.

Nicotine Strength: MTL vaping is also the technique that is preferred by people who need a higher amount of nicotine to get that satisfying vape. The combination of high nicotine strength and a low-wattage device provides a fantastically smooth and flavoursome vaping experience.

Lets move onto direct to lung vaping. If you prefer an intense vaping experience with big clouds, then direct to lung vaping might be the option for you.

DTL works best for vapers who prefer a higher nicotine and a strong throat hit.

An E-Liquid with a high VG is good for DTL vaping as it gives a better cloud production.

Below summarises the main differences between mouth to lung and direct to lung:

Mouth to Lung:

  • Preferred by new vapers

  • Nearest experience to smoking a cigarette

  • Smooth throat hit

  • Stronger flavour

  • Less cloud production

  • Can use high nicotine

  • Better with high PG liquids

  • Low-wattage device


  • Advanced technique

  • Less of a cigarette experience

  • Harsher hit, until it becomes smoother with experience

  • Less flavour

  • Large cloud production

  • Better with lower nicotine

  • Better with high VG liquids

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