How to choose your next E-Liquid

Trying flavour after flavour and various different nicotine strengths can get pretty tedious, but finding that perfect E-Liquid is a moment to remember!

This blog will tell you everything you need to consider when looking for your next favourite E-Liquid. There are three simple steps to keep in mind:

1. Pick the flavour

2. Decide your nicotine strength

3. Choose how much you will need

Lets go into more detail…

1. Pick the flavour

Firstly, you need to think what flavour you want or which type of flavour. By considering which type of flavour you want to vape first will help narrow the list down. For example, there are so many different flavours to choose from these days it can be difficult to make the correct decision. The main types of flavours include dessert, fruity, beverage and sweets but the most common are menthol and tobacco.

2. Decide a nicotine strength

There is so much information out there about nicotine strengths, but here at The Custard Company, we have just one TPD pack of our original Vanilla Custard which comes in two different strengths, 3mg and 6mg. The rest of our E-Liquids are shortfills, meaning they do not contain any nicotine. This is deal for the consumer as they can decide which strength they would like the E-Liquid to be. Click here for more information on how to nic shot.

A lot of people who have recently switched from smoking to vaping, usually prefer an E-Liquid with a higher nicotine strength. The best way to decide the perfect nicotine strength is trial and error by adding more or less nicotine.

3. Choose how much nicotine you will need

One key thing to remember is the more you vape, the more E-Liquid you will need. As a rough guide, you will need around 2 bottles of E-Liquid per week if you vape quite a lot throughout the day.

Now you know what sort of E-Liquid you are looking for, go out and find that perfect vape!

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