E-Liquid compliance

Back in 2017, TPD vaping laws came into force. TPD stands for Tobacco Products Directive and means that all e-liquids that contain nicotine must undergo emissions testing.

TPD compliant e-liquid can only be up to 10ml and packaged within a box which contains a warning leaflet. The nozzle of the bottle needs to be at least 1cm long and allow no more than 20 drops per minute.

All TPD e-liquids must also have a ECID (European Community Identification Number) and be registered with the MHRA on their website.

How does TPD affect vapers?

The TPD regulations put a 2ml limit on tank volume, therefore this is particularly annoying for vapers who enjoy cloud chasing or heavily use their devices due to the frequent refills.

The regulations also put a 2% limit on nicotine levels, making it more difficult for ex-smokers who are new to vaping as they prefer higher levels of nicotine.

So what do you need to look out for on these new TPD labels?

1. The brand and e-liquid name

2. The ingredients listed by weight in descending order

3. Nicotine content in mg and ml

4. Percentage of nicotine content ingested dose

5. Batch number

6. Best before date

7. Warnings stating: “This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance” / “Not to be used during pregnancy” / “Product not to be sold to people under the age of 18”

8. Manufacturer information (name, address, phone number and website)

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