Change of weather? Change of flavour?

Changes in the season can make you want to change the flavour of E-Liquid you're vaping, but make sure you choose something that suits the season!

Below are the common flavour choices for each season, but obviously taste is subjective so this can vary from person to person.

Autumn / Winter

Cakes / Custards

Cake and Custard flavours are usually more popular during the winter because they are classed as comforting. Just imagine diving into a piece of cake covered in warm custard!


Tobacco is a winter flavour as it is full bodied and warm.


Cherry flavoured E-Liquids are not as popular but they are still common as a wintery vape. Cherry is a punchy flavour which is still warming.

Spring / Summer

During the summer, vapers usually go for fruity, citrus-based or menthol E-Liquids.


Menthol is usually a common vape in the Summer due to its ability to chill your tongue when its hot outside.

Fruity / Citrus

Fruit based juices are popular during Summer as they are refreshing and remind people of icy cold drinks or ice lollies.

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