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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

The thick cloud we see hovering over those famous faces aren’t from tobacco smoke but from E-Cigarette vapour. Whether it’s on the red carpet, backstage at the Oscars or at a fancy champagne brunch, celebrities are picking up their vapes and puffing away on some delicious tasting E-Liquids.

The way E-Cigarettes work is by heating a small amount of the E-Liquid which creates a vapour. When the person puts the E-Cigarette to their lips and inhales, the cloud is produced which delivers a nicotine hit to replicate the feeling of smoking a cigarette. Vapers can change the potency of the nicotine depending on whether they have just quit smoking or are trying to quit altogether.

Over the last few years, more and more celebrities have been seen with different E-Cigarettes. The latest celebs who have been spotted vaping:

Leonardo DiCaprio has been seen many times out and about vaping, but more so at big award events.

Lily Allen is also a keen vaper. Not only does she vape but in one of her music videos, she had models and dancers puffing away on E-Cigarettes.

Back in 2013, Kate Moss was so desperate to keep the wrinkles away and other ageing effects from smoking, that she paid £2,000 to fly her assistant from London to Spain

whilst she was on holiday to bring over her favourite E-Cigarettes.

Bruno Mars first started vaping after his mother passed away and he had promised her that he would stop smoking. He has now even invested in one E-Cigarette manufacturer.

Johnny Depp was one of the first people to vape in a big Hollywood movie. In ‘The Tourist’, he is seen vaping on a train with Angelina Jolie and is often papped out and about vaping.

Other celebs include:

Simon Cowell

Tom Hardy

Samuel L Jackson

Cara Delevingne

Katy Perry

Richard Hammond

Katherine Heigl

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