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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Here at V30 Vapes, we love coming across new brands which have similar values to us and put the customer first. That’s why we’re fully backing CBD Virtue!

CBD Virtue provide tasty products which contain certified pure Cannabidiol from California. They are all about health and wellbeing and providing products that can improve it - offering CBD Gummies and CBD Honey sticks which have a great number of health benefits.

These Gummies are a fast and simple way to get your daily dose as they contain 25mg of CBD, making them some of the strongest you can get on the market today. They come in small portable packets making them perfect to take everywhere and anywhere, meaning you can get your CBD whenever you need it.

The Honey Sticks are the best way to incorporate CBD into your life, putting it on your toast or having it in your tea, there are endless ways that you can work it into your food! The best thing is, CBD Virtue has done the thinking for you with their easy CBD recipes. Each stick contains 10mg of CBD and consist of only the best natural ingredients - Californian honey and Californian CBD.

There’s a huge demand surrounding CBD at the moment and CBD Virtue are definitely satisfying customers’ needs. The outstanding reactions of many customers says it all. We’re absolutely loving this brand right now and having tried and tested it ourselves, can honestly say we have noticed the benefits for ourselves, these guys are onto something good.

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