Brand new flavors from Major Flavor!

We’re really excited over here at the HQ! A few months ago, after years of specializing in mainly Custards, we brought to you Major Flavor. It was something completely different than we’d done before. So we brought to you Jolly-Apple, Beetle-Juice and Straw-Nana. These are classic flavors with a bold twist…Major Flavor by name, Major Flavor by nature!


You can expect an explosion of flavor with this one! This legendary hard candy E-Liquid is bursting with sweet and sour Apple on every exhale.


ATTENTION! This liquid is fully loaded with flavor. An army of fruit salad sweets crammed into a 100ml short fil bottle.


This E-Liquid will combat your cravings. Brutally blended Strawberries and Banana to give you the best tasting smoothie with the biggest burst of flavor.

After huge success of our first 3 Major Flavors, we decided to go back to the experimenting stage to bring you more exciting E-Liquids that have a kick of fruity flavor. We bring to you Blue-Fusion and Tropic-Thunda!


Full of blueberry ammunition and powerful bursts of raspberry. This liquid will cause a detonation of fruity flavor.


You’ll get an invasion of flavor with this strong and sweet E-Liquid. Fresh pineapple and dragon fruit forcefully combined with powerful peach.

You don’t want to miss out on these brand new flavors! They'll be one of your all-time favourites in no time…don’t believe us? Just try it for yourself!

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