Battery Safety - Vaping

A large chunk of Vape users own or use devices which require external batteries in order to power their mod or device. Although they should have been told about battery safety by the shop assistant in the vape shop they purchased the device from, not everybody knows how to properly look after their batteries! Some may also have purchased their batteries or device online, so may not have been able to have some guidance on battery safety. The most common batteries used in Vape mods are 18650's, or now more recently there are more devices popping up which can use either a 18650 or 20700 battery. On occasion, a device may also require a 26650 battery to power. Devices may also require 2 or even 4 batteries to power it!

The worst thing to do with your batteries is put them in your pocket. DO NOT store them in your pocket with loose change, keys or any other metal objects. The battery could be set off by touching these items, and could even ignite and BLOW UP. I have seen people in person who have had to have skin grafts and received third degree burns from not taking proper care when carry around loose batteries.


When you are not using your batteries they should always be stored safely. The best way to do this is to get yourself a battery storage case. There are various ones to choose from, however in my experience, the best are just good old plastic battery cases. You can pick them up online usually for around £5, and you get about 5 for that money. They hold 2 batteries, so that's only 50p per cell. A small amount of money which could potentially save you a lot of pain! If you want to cheap out, just keep the original boxes they come in and use them for storing your batteries.


The best way to charge your batteries is through a specific battery charger. This will put the right amount of power into the batteries whilst charging them. It will also condition them as they charge. Using a USB charger to get them back up to charge will not put the right amount of power through into the batteries. This will not only damage your batteries, but it could potentially cause them to BLOW UP or ignite, and we don't want that now do we.


You should always keep your batteries in good condition. By this, your battery wraps should always be fully covering the positive and negative ends of the battery. Having these exposed can cause the battery to short and, you guessed it, ignite or explode! Also, on the top of the battery (underneath the wrap) there is a white disk. This should be kept intact and not fully exposed at all times! If your wraps do start to wear or come undone, you can buy battery wraps and mend them yourself if you know how to. However, my advice is just to spend that little bit extra and get new batteries.

To conclude, you should definitely take extreme caution when looking after or using any sort of lithium battery. If they are not taken care of properly, they can be very dangerous, and may cause you a lot of pain. A few minutes or a few pounds could really benefit you in the long term.

I hope you benefited from this information, and if you know somebody else who should get clued up on battery safety, point them in this direction. For more information, please follow this link, as it may help you or someone else to learn how to take care of their batteries!

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