Advertising for vaping - How has it changed?

Advertising rules around vaping can get confusing.

Previous rules:

Marketing and advertising for vaping products cannot contain medical or health claims unless they have been authorized by the MHRA for those purposes. E-cigarettes can be shown as an alternative to smoking, however, the fact that quitting using tobacco is the best option for health must not be overshadowed.

There really isn’t a lot of difference between the old rules and the new rules of advertising vaping.

Current rules:

The rules still state that advertising cannot make any medical claims. However, there are additional rules about advertising E-Liquid containing nicotine. These cannot be advertised on TV, radio or newspapers. These rules do not apply to products that do not contain nicotine. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) in the UK have adapted the rules of advertising E-cigarettes so health claims are not banned. The change came about after Public Health England announced that vaping was at least 95% less harmful that smoking cigarettes. In addition to this, it was highlighted by public health groups that vaping can significantly help individuals stop smoking.

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