5 Top Tips for Vaping in Winter

Winter weather can be harsh for a vaper, but you’ll be glad to know that there are things you can do to make sure you still get the best vaping experience possible.

Make sure your E-Liquid doesn't get too cold

One big question on your lips is ‘Will my e-liquid freeze?’. The good news is that E-liquid has a lower freezing point than water, therefore, it will need to be an extremely cold day for your E-Liquid to freeze. However, it’s still good to keep in mind that cold weather can change the consistency of E-Liquid due to the VG / PG ratio. So always check your clearomizer to ensure you’re still getting a great flavour.

Protect your device

Cold weather can sometimes cause issues with the battery life of your device and decrease by about 70%. One way to keep your device protected is to keep it in your pocket away from the cold and try not to expose it to the harsh weather for a long amount of time.

Keep your lips hydrated

You’ve probably seen on films when people’s tongues and lips get stuck on icy cold lamp posts, but surprisingly this can also be a potential issue with e-cigarette devices. When vaping outside during the winter, make sure you use chapstick to stop your lips from getting stuck to your device.

Don't take long draws on your device

Cold weather can influence an individual’s vaping experience as the heat and throat hit both get reduced. Due to the cold weather, the heat getting drawn into the device is colder, meaning that the liquid won’t get heated up as much.

Longer draws will also reduce the battery life of your device and you will use up more E-Liquid.

Don't fog yourself out

Colder weather can make your vapour clouds bigger than usual. This is more of an issue if you vape in the car as the cold weather will also make your windscreen steam up, so a mixture of the two isn't ideal.

Obviously, you don’t have to stop vaping outside just because the temperature has dropped. By taking note of the tips in this blog, you can still have the best possible vaping experience.

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