In a galaxy far, far away...Alright, it was the West Midlands, when the whole vape universe began to form, and we started our journey by running a vape shop. We sold devices and whole range of e-liquids. We learned what customers love by talking to thousands of people face to face, and realised we wanted to offer them something extraordinary.

Instead of selling other brands, we wanted to focus on the most important aspect of vaping…the flavour. Through this, we realised that the customers didn’t need a vast range of different flavours but one outstanding flavour that stood out from the rest. So we started The Custard Company, and got ready for takeoff. 

After three years of hard work, we created the perfect Vanilla Custard flavour for vapers who appreciate an exceptionally good flavour and seek our the ultimate vaping experiences. Our head flavourist Brett has been in the industry for 8 years, mastering the art of creating the perfect vape for our customers. We not only provide fantastic tasting e-liquids but smooth, coil friendly, all day vapes.

Today we're moving at the speed of light, developing new taste experiences like Major Flavour, scaling up our OEM and wholesale production.

We have the most rigorous privacy and confidentiality controls in the business. We will never share your details with anyone and all communications are covered by our privacy policy. Please click here for details.